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Identity, logo, website, explorer and wallet designed for an innovative blockDAG project


We have created a visual image that reflects the technological and innovative nature of the project. Based on the selected concept, we have designed the visual elements for all the necessary products and services.
Develop a visual identity for all XELIS digital products.
The logo is the word "XELIS" typed in a grotesque neutral typeface and a sharp-edged sign consisting of a diamond-shaped figure whose lines have one point of convergence. It agrees with the letter "X" in shape, and shares a common guideline with it, thus making the sign and the text inseparable parts of each other. Innovation and blockchain are the main associations that come to mind when seeing the logo. Thanks to the thickness of the figure's lines, it is still readable even on small screens.
Font families
This family of fonts is used on all services for typesetting Thanks to its unusual, slightly elongated and angular forms, it is well associated with web 3.0
HeliosExtC was chosen for the headings, which due to its rounded shape and bold typeface stands out well against the background of the main text.
Color palette
Aquamarine, green and turquoise are the main accent colors that contrast well with the dark background of XELIS digital products
Mobile version
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